"As you begin to realise that every different type of music,
everybody's individual music,
has it's own rhythm, life, language and heritage,
you realise how life changes,
and you learn how to be more open and adaptive to what is around us."
~ Yo-Yo Ma 

We at Four Forty Records celebrate this realisation through performances, workshops and mentoring opportunities. We believe in connecting with community through gigs, concerts, music festivals, schools, colleges, youth groups... wherever people converge.

Our pilot Fortissimo mentoring program was launched in 2011 in collaboration with PMM SIB Sabah. We then embarked on our first-ever East Meets West Tour in 2014. That same year, we brought aspiring singers together with gigging vocalists and industry professionals in a fun-filled yet intensive Vocal Fest - now held annually in collaboration with Rockschool Asia.

We have also been privileged to bring our music to large cities as well as smaller towns – from Alor Setar to Johor Bahru, and Kuching to Sandakan. Beyond that, we have been honoured with the opportunities to taste local flavours, get to know local heroes and savour the breathtaking sights this land has been blessed with. In celebration of our 10th anniversary in 2016, we embarked on a journey to share these priceless experiences with our viewers through Songs & Stories.

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